After more than 18 months of intensive preparations, the time had come and another Pulper Drum was shipped at the beginning of fall – this time from NL-Genemuiden to its final destination in Sandersdorf in eastern Germany. With a load weight of 267 tons, a total length of over 48.50 meters and a height of 5.60 meters, the main part of the route was covered by barge. A real challenge with this overall height! The destination port of Aken could only be reached in November due to critical water levels on the River Elbe. The last and most challenging 45 kilometers to the destination in Sanderdorf were covered in 2 nights on the road – arriving exactly on time! This pulping drum is one of the largest units ever built for a stock preparation plant in the paper industry. Another example of the excellent cooperation between the LS Cargo branches in Melnik, Bremen and Hamburg. In addition a big “thank you” to all the people and partners involved in the success of this project. #LSSHIPMENTS #WETAKWCARE

7 months ago
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