Office Locations

Managing Directors: Ole Dammann, Holger Hinrichs, Thomas Meisner

LS Cargo Logistics GmbH

Teerhof 59
28199 Bremen
Phone: +49 (0) 421 36083(0) + ext.
Fax: +49 (0) 421 325763

LS Cargo Logistics GmbH based in Bremen, in the north of Germany, is the main office of the LS Cargo Group. The company name is based on the initials LS of our founder Lothar Schuster who has established the company in 1993.

In the past 25 years, the company has grown to a proud size of 50 employees and opened until today several branches within Germany and around the world.

More than 20 Years of experience in many countries of the world lead to today’s expertise and is the key to our success. LS Cargo is called the specialist in Project Logistics and is continuously growing by representing a reliable and dedicated service.

Our slogan WE Take Care is proven by the last decades and represent an important value we constitute for the future.

First NameLast NamePositionE-mailTel.Ext.Department
OleDammannManaging +49 (0) 421 36083-25Managing Board
HolgerHinrichsManaging (0) 421 36083-49Managing Board
ThomasMeisnerManaging (0) 421 36083-28Managing Board
AndreasThörnerGeneral Manager LS Cargo (0) 421 36083-15Managing Board (0) 421 3054-264Accounting
KarlBaumgartManager +49 (0) 421 36083-70Air Freight
MarcusKlaußAirfreight (0) 421 36083-53Air Freight
KendraLisson-SchmitzAirfreight (0) 421 36083-29Air Freight
FrankLöselAirfreight (0) 421 36083-72Air Freight
LenaSchwartingAirfreight (0) 421 36083-71Air Freight
UweKettlerManager (0) 421 36083-42Import
StefanieBehrImport (0) 421 36083-19Import
VerenaHaidarImport (0) 421 36083-27Import
YasminHaidarImport (0) 421 36083-89Import
IngeMauImport (0) 421 36083-26Import
LeaOltmannsImport (0) 421 36083-31Import
SusannePartheilImport (0) 421 36083-43Import
Michael BroseSales Manager (0) 421 36083-13Projects
MatthiasGriemsmannProject (0) 421 36083-61Projects
ThomasKrammigProject (0) 421 36083-46Projects
KnuthMeinardusProject (0) 421 36083-16Projects
JörgRustProject (0) 421 36083-47Projects
ChristineWasylowProject (0) 421 36083-41Projects
StefanKeßlerManager (0) 421 36083-63Projects
SusanneBraseProject (0) 421 36083-66Projects
MahtabErenProject (0) 421 36083-22Projects
ChristianRöseProject (0) 421 36083-69Projects
MaximeRybatzkiProject (0) 421 36083-57Projects
KathrinTheiligProject (0) 421 36083-75Secretary
PhilipKeuneManager (0) 421 36083-33Projects
BastianBostelmannProject (0) 421 36083-64Projects
FinjaPapeProject (0) 421 36083-65Projects
BirgitVagtsProject (0) 421 36083-12Projects
UdoOeltjendiersManager (0) 421 36083-17Projects
LucaStelProject (0) 421 36083-36Projects
YannickBastianProject (0) 421 36083-21Projects
LianeRudlof-StengelProject (0) 421 36083-50Projects
JarneWenkeProject (0) 421 36083-34Projects
ClaudiaWasnerManager (0) 421 36083-38Projects
TobiasGiesekeProject +49 (0) 421 36083-32Projects
LeonardKoesterProject (0) 421 36083-56Projects
JannikStahnkeProject (0) 421 36083-39Projects
StefanKlukowskiTender (0) 421 36083-51Sales
ThorstenOsterlohTransport (0) 421 36083-68Projects
JanikHeuerTransport (0) 421 36083-24Projects (0) 421 36083-52Trucking
Evangelos Ioannidis - Branch Manager

LS Cargo Logistics GmbH

Tulpenstrasse 50
71394 Kernen i.R.
Phone: +49 (0) 7151 50712 (0) + ext.
Fax: +49 (0) 7151 507123

LS Cargo Logistics, Waiblingen can look back to over 20 years of experience in Southern Germany. Since that, we have built up our knowledge for projects, especially on machinery industry, from and  to Southern Germany with an experienced team and local network. Our major focus is international door to door transport solutions.

First NameLast NamePositionE-mailTel.Ext.
EvangelosIoannidisBranch (0) 7151 50712(0)41
AndreasBesslerSales (0) 7151 50712(0)42 (0) 7151 50712(0)41 (0) 7151 50712(0)40 (0) 7151 50712(0)22 (0) 7151 50712(0)88 (0) 7151 50712(0)43
Sascha Simon - Managing Director

LS Cargo Logistics GmbH

Formerstr. 53
40878 Ratingen
Phone: +49 (0) 2102 87567 – (0)+ext.
Fax: +49 (0) 2102 8756720

LS Cargo Logistics Ratingen, Germany, established in 2003, is located close to Dusseldorf in the Rhine-Ruhr region, one of the largest economic regions in Europe with a long history of multiple industrial and technological renowned companies.

This proximity to international markets has been used by LS Cargo Ratingen to establish themselves as a diversified and highly motivated partner for the industry with dedicated knowledge about project logistics. We offer solutions for long-term turnkey projects as well as on spot transports, particular exceptional and general forwarding by sea, road and air on a worldwide basis.

First NameLast NamePositionE-mailTel.Ext.
SaschaSimonManaging (0)2102 87567 (0)14
FrankKrauseProject (0)2102 87567 (0)12
ChristianGalleProject (0)2102 87567 (0)18
BerndKlappsProject (0)2102 87567 (0)17
LorenzPimpfingerHead of COC (0)79 843 56 70
Dirk Roethig - Managing Director

LS Cargo Logistics DWC LLC

Business Center
Dubai World Central – POB 33014
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 (0) 50 189 3400

The UAE office of LS Cargo has been originally founded in 2005.

Since then we serve the UAE, the whole GCC area and beyond with our logistical concepts and transport solutions serving the local and global Industry with our local Know-How, longstanding local and worldwide partners in order to assure smooth and hazzle-free execution of Projects from Point of Fabrication to its final Point of Destination.

Being locally available and globally present wherever you may require us to be.

…….  Following our LS Groups principle  “ We Take Care”  …… everywhere

First NameLast NamePositionE-mailTel.Ext.
DirkRoethigManaging 50 189 3400n.a.
Henning Harms - Managing Director

Managing Director

Henning Harms
Phone: +420 732 268 532

LS Cargo Logistics Central Eastern Europe s.r.o.

Na Podhori 2506
CZ-276 01 Melnik
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 732 268 532

LS Cargo Logistics Central Eastern Europe can look back to over 8 years of experience in the Czech Republic and Central Eastern Europe in general. Right from the beginning LS Cargo Logistics Central Eastern Europe focused mainly on surface transportation over the road & river/canals. Another focus of LS Cargo is ocean transports via Baltic, Adriatic & Black Sea ports. Naturally this all combines to door to door deliveries in conjunction with our network & external partners.

Since 2011 LS Cargo has been active in Central Eastern Europe with its home base in Melnik, Czech Republic and thanks to the support of our own network and external agents we became a valuable logistics partner in the area supporting the global operation.

Although small in size we contribute to the success of our group.

Administration Manager

Martina Harmsova
Phone: +420 604 727 320

Sakari Leppiaho - Managing Director

Managing Director

Sakari Leppiaho
Telephone: +358451977080

LS Cargo Logistics Oy

Kympinkatu 3C
40320 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 (0) 10 50 53883
Fax: +358 (0) 10 50 53889

LS Cargo has been in Finland since 2014 when office was opened by three persons with long experience of projects and special transports. Company is especially known about  it’s capability  of executing demanding projects in Europe, Russia and former CIS-countries as well as  overseas projects for local customers. Company has growth now to six people which are dedicated to find suitable solution for every project worldwide.

Director, Operations

Harri Autio
Telephone: +358451977081

Logistics Coordinator

Mikko Lukkarinen
Telephone: +358451977365

Director, Sales

Timo Niemi
Telephone: +358451977323

Onsite Logistics Coordinator

Vladimir Uraikin
Telephone: +358451977364

Managing Director

Andreas Larsson
Telephone: +46 (0) 26 60 20 20

LS Cargo Logistics AB

Nobelvägen 2

802 67 Gävle


Requests to:
Telephone: +46 (0) 26 60 20 30

Vision:      We deliver for a better future

Mission:    We are a dedicated logistics partner with personal engagement


  • Trust
  • Engagement
  • Responsibility over freedom
  • Safety


LS Cargo Logistics AB can look back to over 10 years of experience in Sweden.

Since 2016 LS Cargo has been active in Sweden with their own representative staff.

Since that, we have built up our knowledge for projects from and to Sweden with an experienced team and local network.

The core business is global project forwarding. It covers all mode of transports as road, sea, rail and air freight. Also heavy pieces that requires special transports. We are most of the times working with combined transports from factory to port of arrival or site. LS Cargo Logistics offers all general forwarding services needed for export and import.

Challenge us! Our dedicated team will do our best to find a cost competitive and suitable solution.

LS Cargo Logistics AB i Sverige har över 10 års erfarenhet av spedition.

Sedan 2016 har LS Cargo sitt eget kontor i Gävle med egen personal.

LS Cargo har byggt upp sin kunskapsbas genom sitt erfarna team, utmanande projekt och lokala nätverk.

Kärnverksamheten är global projektspedition. Det inkluderar samtliga transportsätt som väg, sjö, järnväg och flygfrakt. Även tungkolin som kräver specialtransport. För det mesta jobbar vi med kombinerade transportsätt ofta från fabrik till ankomsthamn eller site. LS Cargo Logistics erbjuder generella speditionstjänster kopplat mot export och import.

Utmana oss! Vårt dedikerade team kommer att göra vårt bästa att hitta en kostnadseffektiv och passande lösning.

Tendering Manager

Fredrik Blomberg
Telephone: +46 (0) 26 60 20 30

Operational Manager

Pernilla Frejd
Telephone: +46 (0) 26 60 20 40

Project Freight Forwarder

Fredrik Lutbom
Telephone: +46 (0) 26 60 20 60

Project Freight Forwarder

Christoffer Grannfors
Telephone: +46 (0) 26 60 20 10

Project Freight Forwarder

Christoffer Lövgren
Telephone: +46 (0) 26 60 20 50

Invoice address

LS Cargo Logistics AB

LIN3100 Scancloud

831 97 Östersund


PDF inv:

VAT number: SE559027191101

Rene Marte - General Manager
Andreas Thoerner - Legal Representative

LS Cargo Logistics China Ltd.

Add: Room 1608, Centro Building, No, 568, Hengfeng Road, Jing’an District
Shanghai 200070
P.R. China
Phone: +86-021-6218 0335

Looking back to over 15 years of experience in China. In the beginning we focused on bigger import projects. Since 2011 LS Cargo has been active in China with their own staff and a dedicated partnership.

We have built up our knowledge for projects from and to China with an experienced team and local network.

By the year of 2018, the company had proudly grown to an independent, well known locally established company within several locations in China. Our major focus is international door to door transports for mid-to big size projects.

‘ We Take Care ‘ for your cargo and overall for a sustainable development with our customers, suppliers and employee’s.

First NameLast NamePositionE-mailTel.Ext.
AnnieJiManagement Assistant (0) 21 6218 0335807
RicoJiOperations and Sales (0) 21 6212 2216808
MelodyLeProject (0) 21 6212 2256806
ReneMarteGeneral (0) 21 6218 0963801
ShuhanMouManagement (0) 21 6218 0335807
EvansShengOperations (0) 21 6218 0221816
AndreasThoernerLegal (0) 21 6218 0957803
JenasWangSales (0) 21 6218 0962805
YoungZhangOperations (0) 21 6218 0532804
IlsaZhangOperations Supervisor (0) 186 2295 7533
CandyZhangOperations Supervisor (0) 21 6218 0532
Dmitry Nasonov - Director

LS Cargo Logistics LLC

Ligovskiy pr, 266, b.1, Prem. 2.1.-N.50
St.Petersburg, 192007
Phone: +7 (0) 965 054 0055

LS Cargo Logistics has long-time experience in realization of projects in Russia and CIS countries. In 2017 LS Cargo established own local office in Saint-Petersburg to have local presence in Russian markets and support group project activities with own personnel. Employees in Russia has long experience of projects and logistics in Russia with direct contacts with reliable partners in different parts of Russia.

Russian office is focused on international and domestic projects logistics as import as export direction from Russia.

ЛС Карго Логистикс обладает  многолетним опытом реализации проектов в России и странах СНГ. В 2017 году ЛС Карго открыла собственный офис  в Санкт-Петербурге, чтобы быть представленными на российском рынке с целью организации проектных перевозок группы компаний ЛС Карго собственным персоналом.  Сотрудники российского офиса имеют широкий опыт  в проектной логистике в России и налаженные взаимоотношения с надежными подрядчиками в различных регионах России.

ООО «ЛС Карго Логистикс» сосредоточено на внутренних и международных проектах, реализуемых как в импортном, так и экспортном направлении.

First NameLast NamePositionE-mailTel.Ext.
AlekseiDubininManager of multimodal department +7 (995) 996 8110
DmitryNasonovDirector, Sales and 911000 5702
TamaraYudenichProject Development Specialist +7 (931) 354 5965

LS Cargo Logistics USA Corp.
3730 Kirby Drive / Suite 1200 / Office 37
Houston, TX 77098
United States of America

Mobile : +1 (0) 832 707 8896

The United States are one of the biggest global economies with a vast number or importers, exporters and logistics providers.

However, with 50 states and almost a dozen transportation administrations the US can also become a challenging market. Especially when it comes to project logistics.

Our international team delivers expertise, experience and know-how to turn your shipment from a challenge into success.

LS Cargo Logistics (USA) Corp. offers the entire range of logistics services from LCL to FCL, airfreight and in-house customs clearance.

First NameLast NameE-mailTel.Ext.

LS Cargo Logistics GmbH – Sucursal em Portugal

Rotunda de  Edgar Cardoso, 23, 3E
4400-676 Vila Nova de Gaia

Phone: +351 (0) 223 790 869
Mobile : +351 (0) 934 144 682

First NameLast NameE-mailTel.Ext.

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