LS CARGO offers a comprehensive package of project solutions for national and international projects, including crane and barge operations, land transportation, warehousing, storage and distribution services, shipping and chartering as well as customs clearance and other associated services.

Wherever heavy and oversized cargo is being moved, LS CARGO offers a ‘ turnkey project service ’.

POL: Taicang, China
POD: Santos, Brazil
Facts: 4 x Tanks with each 15 x 15 x 30m / 110 ton each

Departure: Munich Airport (MUC), Germany
Arrival: Entebbe (EBB), Uganda
Facts: only possible by Antonov full charter – 9 pcs: total approx. 60 ton.
Biggest Piece 500 x 400 x 375 cm with 18 ton –
Project included two more Charter with B747F

POL: Antwerp, Belgium
POD: Baltimore, USA
Facts: 2 TAD roll – each 1030 x 432 x 430 cm – each 43.000 kg

POL: Antwerp, Belgium
POD: New Westminster, BC
Facts: 22 pieces with 1817 cbm / 438 tons

POL: Shanghai, China
POD: Bremerhaven, Germany
Facts: 1 Tank with 112 ton, approx. 500 cbm

Pick up address: Vaasa, Finland
Delivery address: Terminal Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
Facts: Transport by Railway incl. Terminal Operation at -30 degree / Heaviest Piece: 110 ton

POL: Taicang, China
POD: Buatan, Indonesia
Facts: 3 x knocked down RTG’s 3,020 FRT

POL: Shanghai, China
POD: Durban, South Africa
Facts: 3x Tanks with 20m length and 2 x Tanks with 16m length, each one over 5m diameter

POL: Shanghai, China
POD: Barcelona, Spain
Facts: 1 x piece with 650 x 500 x 500 cm / 75 ton

POL: Shanghai, China
POD: Hamburg, Germany
Facts: 52 x 40’ Flat Rack on Container vessel

POL: Shanghai, China
POD: St. Petersburg, Russia
Facts: Pulping Section, Heavy Piece Drum with 112 ton

POL: Hamburg, Germany
POD: Mombasa and Djibouti, Africa
Facts: 100,000 FRT incl. 28 x 200 ton heavy lifts (HVDC Trafos) plus approx. 800 container per destination with various smaller BB shipments, air freights etc.

POL: Shanghai
POD: Le Havre, France
Facts: 35 cases; each 23 x 0,60 x 0,60 m each 6 ton loaded onto 80’mafi

POL: Norrkoping, Sweden
POD: Tianjin, China
Facts: 1 x Transformer with 349 ton

POL: Karlstad, Sweden
POD: Clatskanie, OR, USA
Facts: 1 piece with 92.500 kgs

POL: Shanghai, China
POD: Singapore
Facts: Total volume over 5000 FRT

POL: Shanghai, China
POD: Baltimore, USA
Facts: Unit weight Up to 80 tons

POL: Hamburg, Germany
POD: Shanghai, China
Facts: Each approx. 1120 x 200 x 270 cm approx. each 38-40 ton; 2 x pieces per flight;
Total: 3 x Full Charter

POL: Germany
POD: Shanghai, China
Facts: 3 x 40’ Flat Rack OWOH + 5 x 40’ Cont Box

POL: Norrköping, Sweden
POD: Mumbai, India
Facts: Heaviest Piece = 168.000 kg – 2 x shipment approx. 1250 cbm each

POL: Lianyungang, China
POD: Masa an, South Korea
Facts: 2 Tanks, each dim 1974*875*1133 cm/ each 330 ton

POL: div. Europe, Asia, South Africa and USA
POD: Toquepala-Mine, Peru
Facts: 6000 FRT incl. 110 mtons unit weights

POL: Přerov, Czech. Rep. and Duisburg, Germany
POD: Hamburg, Germany
Facts: 8 x Mill shells / Heaviest Piece: x 811 x 811 x 397 cm / 120 ton

POL: Nansha, China
POD: Melbourne, Australia
Facts: 17.000 FRT, heaviest peace 300 ton

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